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bowie_bear_sm.jpg (3018 bytes)“Several years ago, I was at a charity event in South Dakota. Strangely, the event took place in December, not the warmest time of year for the that part of the country! After the event, our plane was delayed, and I had another day in town.

I had always felt a great affinity for the horrific tragedy of the massacre of Sitting Bull and his Sioux tribe at Wounded Knee. I realized I was not too far away from Pine Ridge, where the massacre took place. Throwing all reason to the wind, I braved out in sub-zero weather, rented a car, and drove to the Indian Reservation.

Standing outside in the freezing cold, I felt the sorrow of that fateful day. As I read the historical landmark , an even colder chill went through me. I suddenly realized that I was standing there, exactly 110 years to the day of the Battle of Wounded knee when the 7th Cavalry massacred hundreds upon hundreds of innocent men, women and children.

It was at that moment that the idea for this knife, “The Spirit of Sorrows” came to mind, and I worked on it as soon as I came back to the studio. I wanted something that would show, in the face of the beautifully carved Indian Maiden, the unique curve of the handle, and the power of the blade, both the pain of the Sioux, and their external spirit, which no cowardly force could every destroy, not then, not now, not forever...  I hope I succeeded.”

                                                          2001 Chuck Stapel

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